If you want to move your photographs from the realm of a document into the realm of images you need to be attending one of Jonathan Bailey's workshops.

Maine Summer Workshop

It was a one-week workshop held at Jonathan's home studio in Tenants Harbor, Maine which is situated near the scenic Penobscot Bay. It began on a Sunday evening with introductions and seafood feast and completed the week with expanding the horizons of photography on the following Saturday noon.

The class covered the following techniques

Historical toning processes, emphasizing on contemporary split-toning. It also included Jonathan's signature GP-1 gold split-process.


Usage of chemical toners: even though they have been used since the earliest days of photography to improve permanence using them for their artistic potentialities is a relatively new phenomenon which was taught and used during the workshop.


During the workshop, the budding photographs also learned to experiment with the exotic mordançage process (a variation on the historic "etch/bleach"), and each member created at least one 9'x4' cyanotype mural. They were encouraged to experiment using low-tech cameras like Dianas’ or Holgas.


The gang darkroom was used for making new prints however most of the working was with toners and done outdoors under a tent with a scenic garden view.



The workshop cost for a week was $1675 and it included the following: paper allotment, class, darkroom, and lab fees (including toners). This fee also included breakfast and dinner throughout the week along with the boat fare to and fro Monhegan Island.


Each morning began with coffee, fruit, and homemade muffins. With Jonathan explaining about image-mixing or the creative processes they would use in their photography session on that day.


At noon the team would break for lunch and either they ate at waterside restaurants. Some even choose to cook and share with others using the fruits and vegetables from the garden. Lunch was followed by class, darkroom or lab sessions.


Formal session ended at mid-afternoon - allowing people time to read, relax, explore, or take a swim in the beach.


Meals were an essential part of the workshops - meaningful discussions transpired during dinner. Even though the workshop was BYOB (Bring your own bottle) Jonathan shared wines from his vineyard. Both Jonathan and Jane served delicious meals every evening. It was a mix of seafood, salads, and veggies from their garden with selections off the grill.


Team returned to their rooms and cabins to return afresh to begin the fun and experiential learning session next morning.