About the Photographs

The essence of what Jonathan has been presenting for more than a couple of decades are images made with his low-tech camera Diana often beside more traditional equipment, since 1979.

All the images in the gallery regardless of the camera or equipment used are gold-toned black and white (gelatin silver) prints. The colors in these images are due to a mix of various toners. These toners are used after traditional development and print fixing. Jonathan uses various formulae from the 19th and early 20th century. You cannot have a fixed toning process the end result is always different which makes the images unique.

Even after working for more than three decades Jonathan humbly addresses himself as a midwife in the image developing process and is fully committed to the materials and processes in hand.

According to Jonathan, he just makes use of tools and processes but has limited control as to what the result might be and allows the processed image to vouch for itself when it ready. Jonathan believes it's the process and image which together create a unique result when he doesn't force himself to follow set rules to reach the desired result. This unique way he avoids recreating the same effect over and over again and lets his photographic process transform into a whole new learning experience every time.